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The top 10 Movie cars of all-time

No. 10  1989 Batmobile, "Batman"

1989 Batmobile tech spec: 0-60 3.7 seconds

worth a mention: Armour shields, voice control

"It's the car right?, chicks love the car". Known as "the keaton car" Tim Burtons 1989 batmobile gave the caped crusader a jet engined, tail finned ultra amazing ride. A true icon in the movie world.


No. 9  1994 Toyota Supra, "The fast and the furious"

1994 Toyota Supra tech spec: 300+ bhp, 3.0-litre straight 6 with six-speed manual transmission; rear-wheel drive.

worth a mention: Nitrous, bright orange paintwork, crazy graphics.

"the 10 second car".Vin diesel and Paul Walker take on a Ferrari 355 and blow it away in the amazing bright orange twin turbo Toyota Supra.


No. 8  1959 Cadillac Ambulance, "Ghostbusters"

1959 Cadillac Ambulance tech spec: 325bhp, 6.4-litre V-8 with two-speed automatic transmission; rear-wheel drive

worth a mention: Tailfins, flashing lights, sirens, attached ladder

Though it plays a relatively small part in its film, the Ectomobile is the finest medical movie car to date. What it lacks in brute force it makes up in style, with red tailfins, strobe lights and more roof gear than a fire engine. Rumours of a remake are in the air and we can't wait to see what our heroes will be driving.


No. 7  2003 Mini Cooper S, "The Italian Job"

2003 Mini Cooper Stech spec: 163bhp, supercharged 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine with six-speed manual transmission; front-wheel drive.

Worth a mention: Lighter than stock Cooper S; painted red, white or blue

Larger cars would have rubbed bumpers with tunnel walls, but thanks to a nimble fleet of Mini Coopers, a band of gold robbers manages to escape captors down congested streets, parks and subway tunnels.


No. 6  1982 Pontiac Trans Am, "Knightrider"

1982 Pontiac Trans Am tech spec: 500+bhp, 5.0-litre V-8 with four-speed automatic transmission; rear-wheel drive

worth a mention: 200mph, turbo boost

Whilst not strictly a movie car KITT, short for "Knight Industries Two Thousand", deserves a place in the top ten as it's such an iconic car. Michael Knights automotive sidekick does much more than carry its passengers around town. A super computer on wheels, capable of hitting 200mph, on board flame thrower and laser power pack, indeed.


No. 5  Batmobile Tumbler, "Batman Begins"

2005 Tumblertech spec: 340bhp, 5.7-litre V-8 with electronic throttle; electric motor for silent operation; jet engine for jumps

worth a mention: Armour plates all around, voice-guided navigation system, self destruct mode.

Chris Nolans take on the batmobile is kind of half tank, half car and absolutely amazing. Not only does the tumbler hurl itself from 0-60 in around  5 seconds it also doubles as a motorbike, "the batpod" when self destruct mode is deployed.


No. 4  2006 Aston Martin DBS, "Casino Royale"

2006 Aston Martin DBS tech spec: 510 bhp, 6.0-litre V12 with six-speed manual transmission; rear-wheel drive

worth a mention: Bulletproof glass, on board computer system.

The latest Bond car is powerful, sexy and has all the gadgets that a secret agent requires. It's a shame that in the film the car was only on screen for a few seconds and we never got to see any of these gadgets used.


No. 3  1967 Mustang GT500, "Gone in 60 seconds"

1967 Mustang GT500tech spec: 355 bhp, 7.0-litre V-8 with four-speed manual transmission; rear-wheel drive

worth a mention: 0-60 in 4.8 sec,

When you think of "gone in 60 seconds" you either think of Angelina Jolie or more often than not "Eleanor" the famous GT500 driven by Nicholas Cage. The mighty mustang really did steal the show despite having stage fright a couple of times and not wanting to start always on cue.


No. 2  1975 Ford Gran Torino, "Starsky and Hutch"

1974 Ford Gran Torinotech spec: 435 bhp, 6.0-litre V8 with three-speed automatic transmission; rear-wheel drive

worth a mention: Cherry-red exterior, 0-60 in 5.6 seconds, white stripes of course.

The original starsky and hutch was back in the 70's but brought back to life with a remake in 2004 with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. An exact replica was made for the new release and both Stiller and Wilson signed their name under the hood.


No. 1  1981 DeLorean DMC-12,"Back to the Future"

1981 Delorean tech spec: 1.21-gigawatt nuclear/electric hybrid with five-speed manual transmission; rear-wheel drive

worth a mention: Gull-wing doors, 16-port twin exhaust boxes, Flux Capacitor

Doc Brown’s DeLorean achieves time travel at a mere 88 mph, thanks to a lithium-powered nuclear reactor. Marty Mcfly somehow has a knack of getting it to stall, especially when he's in a rush to be off back to 1985. Totally awseome film and definately would not be the same if it weren't for the Delorean.