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"Cut and shut"

The term "cut and shut" is used to describe a vehicle that has had extensive repair work, often taking the front end of one car and welding it to the rear of another.

Thankfully this technique is seen less and less owing to vehicle check services that alert potential buyers of any car that has been reported as a "write off".

 Tell tale signs of any non-manufacturer welding seems can be found running the width of the car. If in any doubt ask the seller to remove the part of carpet that could be hiding any nasty little surprises.

 What if the car looks and drives ok but looks like it has been extensively repaired? Innitial thoughts might suggest that the car will be alright especially as the seller is keen to sell and is offering it at a very low price.

 Don't be tempted. Walk away and find another. Everyday driving may seem ok but what would happen were you to have a crash in one of these cut and shut cars or someone ran into you?

 Modern cars are designed to crumple upon impact making the risk of injury less. Cut and shut cars are not repaired to a manufacturers standard and as a result can be stronger or weaker in certain areas.

 Don't be sold on price, it really isn't worth the risk.