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Used Car

Nowadays buying a used car makes more sense to a lot of people than paying for a brand new one. For some the very thought of buying a used car is simply not an option, they want the smell and excitement that a new car brings and if you can afford it why not.

For most people, though, the idea of paying thousands of pounds to their local dealership only to find that their new investment has lost around a third of its retail price in three years is simply too much to swallow.

Anyone who wants to change their used car and has bought new in the past now has to decide whether to save some money and buy a used car instead. Some people won't but many will decide that buying used really is not that bad especially during a tough economic climate.

Perhaps the most significant change that has had an impact on the new car market is registration numbers changing every six months instead of each year. This doesn't sound like such an important factor but what it means is that instead of your new purchase being classed as "new" right up until August 31st it now carries the "last years model" tag even if when it's only a couple of months old.

Think about it? If you took delivery of your new car in December as soon as we get into March it automatically appears to be much older than it is.